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Alternative Health


At Quantum Hills Energy,  we believe that everything in our lives, is energy in one form or another. This applies to all stressors affecting your body.  It is like static on a radio.  Your body is full of static when stressed and as a result, you don't feel well or vibrant.  It’s amazing how everything we see, hear, think and eat impacts our bodies.  Do you want to know what your body is storing or what your body is trying to tell you?

All testing and trainings are individualized, to address the client's needs and priorities in terms of  their health at the time.

The technology is:  painless and non invasive

                                   suitable for all ages

                                   used also to treat animals.

I find it really relaxing, and the Biofeedback has really assisted me with some life changing decisions.  I highly recommend Biofeedback to everyone.

Sherry Turner Campbellford ON


I like Biofeedback so much I keep running out of Joan Sheppards business cards.

Donna M. Campbellford ON

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