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What is Biofeedback and how might it help me?


At Quantum Hills Energy, we believe that everything in our lives is energy in one form or another. 


Dr.. Oz has mentioned many times that, ENERGY, is the future of medicine.

Our Quantum Biofeedback system helps clients to identify and eliminate blockages and imbalances in their energy fields. 


Once we have identified what is not working in your body, we send corrective frequencies to restore balance in your body allowing it to focus on healing.


How does it work?


We use the SCIO Biofeedback system.  It can simultaneously detect and record information about the individual’s reaction to stress and facilitate healing within the body, with the use of corrective frequencies.


During a Biofeedback session the client wears wrist and ankle straps as well as a head harness to measure the electrical pulses and meridians of the body.


Life is about energy, everything has a frequency and frequencies are measurable and frequencies can be altered.


Biofeedback is the science of measuring a person’s reaction to stimuli (a frequency) and then feeding it back to that person so that it can be changed if necessary.  This feedback signal or information can then be used to make changes that will lead to better health whether it involves the physical body such as in nutrition, allergies or

whether, it is about their emotional health, such as a previous trauma.


We hear more and more about energy today.  They are now listing the frequency of certain medications in the Pharmaceutical Compendium Reference book for doctors. There are many examples of using frequency in healing such as in light, sound therapy and the TENS machine.  In fact frequencies have been used in tests such as EEG, ECG and MRI, for a very long time.


Some areas where the SCIO identifies imbalances within the body:


Allergies and food sensitivities

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Addiction (everything from smoking to sugar)

Clearing emotional blockages

Pain management

Stress reduction


Please contact us  for pricing and availability.


First appointment will include a full assessment and therapy.


Further appointments will focus on specific issues.


"Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teeming, electric-magnetic field of possibility or potential."  Deepak Chopra


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