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Karrie-Ann Knox

Karrie-Ann chose a career in alternative energy healing, specializing in Biofeedback assessment and training. 


Karrie-Ann's career includes working with people of all ages.  "I believe we are all energy.  Using a Biofeedback system as a tool to measure and assess energy has become my passion." 


Biofeedback provides an opportunity to see how and what our bodies are resonating with.


Joan Sheppard


Joan has been practicing with alternative energy for many years, including the practice of Quantum Biofeedback, an alternative healing method, that focuses on identifying and eliminating

blockages in our energy fields and replacing them with healthy

frequencies. Some of the issues addressed are those of stress reduction, pain and addiction.

In her free time she creates Orgone Generators for home and personal protection.  Commissioned pieces are available.

"My goal is to facilitate better health and to

create a positive future for my family, friends and others."

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